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Are you a Technology Player or an Expert?

What is new media? How can new media and advanced gadgets help the small to medium sized business? How do you make better use of, and get more from existing technology? How do you build and run a web site? What do you need to do to start a blog?

CoachingThe way we use technology can easily be compared with the way the common household cat plays with a mouse toy. The cat can play in one of three ways;

  1. The cat that has been given the latest cat toy. It's really rather cool looking. This cat sees the toy on displays. The toy sits out gathering dust. The cat is aware of its presence but has neither the knowledge or the interest in learning how to play with the new toy and master the game. This is equivalent to the user who buys the latest gadget in order to be able to say they have one.
  2. Another cat when faced with a new toy may take a little tap. It has mild interest but only enough to gain just an overview of the toys features. At most the toy may be thrown in the air a few times. This is equivalent to the user that purchases the latest technology with the intention of using its new features but on arrival continues to use primarily the most basic functions.
  3. The third is the cat who is proficient at mousing. They have acquired the knowledge to research the situation, they prepare for the kill and attack with confidence and accuracy. These are the technology users who are confident. They are aware of the advantages offered by new technology and new media. These are expert users. These are the users that in business are able to grasp and use technology as a weapon of competitive advantage.

This site is HTML based with images mainly from istock. I build and maintain it myself. Like me it continues to change. Technology changes fast and I like to play, follow, try the new stuff and learn from the industry experts.

When it comes to technology and the internet do you find yourself asking any of the following questions..

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